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One can never say too much about the extraordinary array of lifestyle amenities that await newcomers to Southwest Florida once they opt to live here.  More often than not, however, these much-deserved kudos involve the region’s top-rated beaches, its limitless recreational opportunities; and, of course, its embarrassment of riches with respect to the visual, performing and culinary arts.

No less deserving of praise is the superb array of educational amenities—spread throughout the community—that enables students of all ages to take advantage of a broad range of unique learning opportunities that few Florida communities can equal. For families with school-aged children, this is perhaps the single most important amenity to consider before deciding where to settle in the Sunshine State.  As well, for adults who view life as one continuous opportunity to absorb new ideas, discover new interests and develop new skills—Southwest Florida is one large laboratory of learning.

To aspire to the highest standards of academic excellence is an easy thing to do. To actually attain them is something else altogether. For this reason we can all be extremely proud of the teachers, administrators, staff and student leaders who make our schools stack up so impressively against other Florida communities; and indeed against other states.


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